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Have you already tried Online Solitaire Game mode called 1 on 1 Solitaire Play? This is a multi-player game mode designed for private sessions. Online Solitaire game in 1 on 1 mode presumes you will be challenging the opponent of similar XP level. In 1 on 1 game mode you have a chance to select which city you will be playing. Depending on your XP level you can play in the games with higher bets and win bigger. You also can use power-ups to win from your opponent!

Play Online Solitaire Game or Offline Solitaire Game Versions

Most of the online Solitaire Games offer only online game modes, missing out on the situations when there is no internet and you still have nothing to do so desperate to play some catchy witty mobile game. Here at Solitaire Champ FREE Online game we took care about all situations. So you are welcome to play FREE Solitaire game even in offline game mode. Of course Offline Solitaire Champ game mod is a smaller version of online game modes. Here you cannot earn any coins or level up your total XP level. This is more a time-killer without strategic plans. In Solitaire Offline game mode you will find simplified version of classic Online Solitaire Card Game.

Feel the Vegas Vibes Playing Online Vegas Solitaire Game

Vegas Solitaire is a single player mode where we have recreated real Las Vegas Solitaire experience. Here you have the opportunity to make different bets and therefore win different sums of money in online solitaire game. In Vegas Solitaire you have an option either to choose bet level by yourself or get it fixed by the intelligent computer. In Vegas Solitaire you play versus intelligent computer and all your winnings are counted towards your overall Online Solitaire Game score. Decide by yourself how many cards to have in a draw when playing Online FREE Solitaire champ game.