How to Play

In order to play Solitaire you don't have to spend hours on preparation. However you still need to have clear understanding of the game rules in order to play easily. Overall Solitaire Card Gamed combines together luck and logic and you need to be savvy in order to pull all of the cards quickly. This is especially important when you play in multiplayer game modes and timing is counted.

The goal of Solitaire Champ Game doesn't matter which game mode you are playing, is to drag all of the cards you have on hands to the foundation piles. At the beginning of the game you have 52 cards in your deck lying in 7 piles of the tableau and also in 1 stock pile. Cards in the stock pile are all hidden and their faces turned down. The cards in the tableau are also turned faces down, and only the top cards are shown. The objective of Solitaire Card game is to build 4 piles in the foundation area by placing cards from the tableau or the stock and the waist over there. The cards should be placed in the ascending order starting with the Ace and ending with the King. If at the start of the game there are no open cards, which you can drag to the foundation, you can try to move the cards in the tableau. Here you can pull cards together in the descending order keeping alternate colors. By doing so you can spare underlying cards and move them around. In the situation when you run out of moves, you can flip the stock pile. By doing so you get the cards from the stock pile to the waist pile faces up. If the cards suit for the foundations, they will be automatically dragged to the respective position by the computer. If the stock draws bad cards, you can simply flip it again unlimited number of times. As soon as you drag all the cards to the foundations you won. So start playing and good luck!

During the game you can get different power-ups in the game menu, which can really boost your gaming performance. The power-ups can be purchased in the Solitaire Champ store in exchange for gems.

Solitaire Champ Power-ups:

  • Flip - Turned up deck
  • Free Ace - Puts random ace and put it in the foundation
  • Shuffle - Shuffles all facedown cards
  • X-Ray - Allows you to show all facedown card in one column
  • Pluck - Allows you to play any facedown card of your choice