Player Reviews

Molly Roda

I really enjoy playing Solitaire Champ in my spare time. The game has beautiful graphics and exciting game modes. I made many new friends playing Solitaire Champ from different countries. I think this is the best FREE

Jasmine Well

Solitaire Champ is amazing game. I have been playing it last several months and met many new friends through it. The good thing is that now I have easy, fun and absolutely free way to kill the time any moment I want.

Tim Robbins

I like social games and I like playing Solitaire since being a kid. Never expected it could go so far, and still be as much entertaining as it is! Great Game, thumbs up Solitaire Champ team!

Pasty Holford

Solitaire Champ is easy, undemanding way to kill the time. I wouldn't say it is my favorite game, but it certainly well-made and doesn't have any bugs so far. I keep playing it time to time and like it so far.

Frank Nordberg

At first I had experience some problems downloading Solitaire Champ on my iPhone 6s, so had to contact its support team. The response was super quick and they assisted me in the best possible way. Playing since then and totally enjoying it, great game.

Kristopher Mcfee

At the start I was frustrated with the variety you offer – so many game modes, spun my head around. But then it became paradise, Solitaire Champ never gets boring, really cool!

Silvia Immel

I love to play Solitaire Champ, it is so beautifully designed and the game modes are so fun. Plus the community of players is just so friendly. Solitaire Champ always makes my day.

Joshua Panek

Solitaire Champ is a perfect time killer. Sometimes I just feel like doing something totally different for 5-10 minutes and then Solitaire Champ is just a savior.

Maxim Lasker

I have been playing plenty versions of Solitaire, but Solitaire Champ somehow became my favorite. Simple, elegant, excellent graphics, superb user interface. No complaints, just positive emotions. Good job!

Tessie Elis

Really good game, no hidden fees, annoying ads, prompt customer support and great social experience!

Alysha Allender

Solitaire Champ Card game is fantastic, highly recommend it to all those who love classic windows solitaire. I have been looking for such a game, which can fill gaps during my day.

Nan Mele

Solitaire Champ is a real fun game. This is the best Mobile Solitaire out there. Awesome game features and user experience, being professional game developer I have rarely pick the games I play myself more than several months, but this is the case, recommend!

John Ogan

Playing Solitaire clears my mind and thoughts get organized. It really works, when you put cards together, you get focused better!

Ellan Ottley

Hello, love playing Solitaire Champ. The game has cool challenges and I can play with my real friends in real time. Awesome gaming experience, have fun, play Solitaire Champ, god bless!