Here at Solitaire Champ we did our best to deliver you the most entertaining online card game experience. Get the full overview of all the gems hidden within the game!

Start with

  • Download Solitaire Champ absolutely for FREE from Google Play or App Store
  • Connect via Facebook, Google+ (Android App), or Monster brain ID
  • Play Offline or in Guest Mode without registration

Bonuses and Goodies

To encourage you in playing Solitaire Champ every new user gets great package of game coins, bonuses and power-ups. There are also ongoing promo campaigns at Solitaire Champ weekly. Starting playing at the beginners level and moving up while leveling up your experience, you are gaining access to the new game levels and opportunities to win bigger prizes. As more you play as more horizons open in front of you!

So below are all the highlights of what you get in Solitaire Champ Online Casino!

  • Fill your pockets with 1000 Free coins at the start
  • Receive 100 FREE gems and 10 magic at the beginning
  • Enjoy 50 FREE coins every hour of the game (FB login)
  • Get the Opportunity to purchase Starter Pack at 80% Discount
  • Fully Enjoy In Shop Purchases with 80% Discount
  • Exchange Gifts and with Solitaire Champ Friends
  • Participate in weekly competitions with Mega Pool Wins
  • Embrace Social Experience with over 20 million players worldwide

Weekly Competition

In Solitaire Champ we have created for you exciting Leagues tournaments, so you can fully experience the virtual world of card games and get social. In Solitaire Champ you can enjoy playing in 4 different leagues:

  • My League
  • Friends' League
  • Country League
  • World league.

Every league includes 10 league levels and it doesn't matter what your experience is, you can join the league at any point. By taking part in league tournaments you can win the pool prizes and add solid amounts of coins to your Solitaire Champ wallet.

If you are doing well in Leagues, you get a chance to be listed on our leaderboards, updated weekly, among top three Solitaire Champ players.

My League:

This is a league, which you can manage yourself. By selecting playing in My League you create your own tournaments and are fully capable of what is going on inside the league. My League features:

  • Play in 10 tiers with upward pool prizes
  • Win up to 50000 coins and 200 gems
  • You can pull together only players of the same XP
  • Level Up by competing your level - earn XP
  • Get larger pool prizes by leveling up your XP
  • Top three players inside the league share the pool prize

Friends' League:

Participate in the League created by your friend. Friends' League work in the same manner as My League, additionally the following features can be mentioned:

  • Get the opportunity to win up till 750 coins
  • Get matched in game based on your XP
  • Play with your friends from Facebook

Country League:

In country league you cannot control the games, but you can take part in multiplayer tournaments on the country level and challenge people form your city or city next to you. Prizes here get bigger and you have opportunity to stock your wallet a lot.

  • Enjoy playing with people nearby – staid connected
  • Get the unique opportunity to win up till 400 gems in game
  • Play with the opponents of your XP level and move up

World League:

This is our biggest league, which you can be part of along with people from all over the globe. In World league there are highest pool prices and the most skillful players. Here are some insights on World League features:

  • Enjoy playing with over 20 million people globally
  • Get the highest Pool Prizes including chance to win 1500 gems
  • Challenge the opponents of your XP level, win and move on

Game Modes

Here in Solitaire Champ we have designed 6 exciting game modes so you can switch from one to another and enjoy the variety:

Play 1 on 1

In 1 on 1 game mode you play versus random player, which could be either a complete stranger or your actual friend. In this game mode you can travel the world virtually by selecting different cities. Each city requires different bets and therefore different game prizes (starting from 100 coins up to 5 million coins or even "all in"). In every game you can select how many draws you will have in the stock pile (either 1 or 3 cards). In order to be able to play in certain city you should have enough coins for this, if you do, you are then matched with the player of your XP level, or you can play with your friend of the same XP or close to yours. In 1 on 1 game the winner gets the double prize, so the higher you bet the more you get! Every game in 1 on 1 mode is limited to three minutes. In case both the opponents don't manage to finish solitaire on time, the one with the more points wins. Points are counted towards cards moved to the foundation piles. If the card is moved quicker than you opponent did so, you get an extra point.

Vegas Solitaire

Vegas Solitaire brings online true Vegas Experience. While being single player game, here you can excel your Solitaire Champ gaming skills playing versus intelligent computer. The game begins with you choosing your betting and how many cards will be in draws. On average you can calculate your future winnings by comparing with this example: for every 55 coins bet, each cards pays 5 coins back and if you bet 220 coins you get 20 coins on each card back. If you need to stop the game, you can do it any time. The good thing is that you still will keep all your earnings, if you manage to move at least 11 cards to the foundations. Regarding the game itself Vegas Solitaire is the classic Solitaire with the same rules as in 1 on 1 Solitaire game mode.

Live Tournaments

This is probably the most exciting game mode in Solitaire Champ FREE card game. In order to play in tournaments you should demonstrate some experience level and to have at least three energy points. If you do you can choose from four different cities to play in. Every city has its own entry fee and prize level. Games in tournaments are designed in the Royal Club tournament fashion. So here you compete towards 7 other players for the pool prize. All the opponents in the tournaments are randomly selected according to the XP level, so you are playing versus players close to you. The winner of the tournament gets the prize, while second place winner receives his entry fee back.

Play With Friends

"Play with friends" game mode is a selective version of the Royal Club tournament, where you can challenge your friends and set up your own game bets and pool prize. In Solitaire Champ you can invite your Facebook friends to play along with you, you can create and manage your Solitaire Champ friend lists and exchange gifts with friends. You can add the new players from all over the world to your friend lists and grow warm community of good friends through playing.

Play Mini Games

In Solitaire Champ you can enjoy playing mini-games absolutely for FREE. There are three cool mini-games to try out:

  • Scratch and Win (Here you can winup till 250K coins by scratching off the squares, purchase or win scratch cards in spin & win mini-game)
  • Spin and Win (Always win from 1 to 50K chips or scratch cards by simply spinning, get more spins in shop)
  • Wheel of Fortune (With every spin you can win from a free wheel up till 50k jack pot)

Play Offline

Here at Solitaire Champ you can play in Offline mode in case there is no Internet connection or you just want to keep the traffic low. Solitaire Champ Offline game mode offers simplified Solitaire gaming experience compare when you are playing online. Here all our wins literally give you nothing apart of the skills, all the coins, gems and power-ups will not be counted towards your overall gaming scores. The good thing about Offline Solitaire Champ game mode is that it is very light and can be played any time.