Solitaire Champ Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Solitaire Champ?

Solitaire Champ is a new generation FREE mobile game which can be easily downloaded on any iOS or Android device. Solitaire Champ is an upgraded version of classic Klondike Solitaire and here you can enjoy playing six different game modes. Solitaire Champ is very social; by playing it you become part of engaging community of more than 30 million active players worldwide. You also have an opportunity to interact with your existing friends from social networks, by bringing them into the game or by having track of you communication through our online chats. Solitaire Champ brings together all the best gaming practices you can find online, here you can enjoy the best design and user experience!

Can I play Solitaire Champ if I don't have Facebook or Google+ ID?

Yes absolutely, you can play Solitaire Champ using Monster Brain ID, which will be offered to you as an option at the registration. In order to get Monster Brain ID you just need to provide your email address.

Is Solitaire Champ is available in Offline mode?

Yes, you can still enjoy Solitaire Champ in Offline mode. Please notice that if you play Offline you cannot level up your experience, neither coins won in the game will be added to your online wallet. This is simplified version of our main game modes.

Can I select how many draws will I have in the game?

Yes, in every game mode there you can choose either to have one or three draws in the stock pile.

Can I select what will be the size of the cards I am playing?

Yes you can do it, in general settings you can select scale of the game, most suitable for you. Also, every time you play, cards are automatically adjusted for the size of your device, choosing optimal resolution.

What if I open the game and the old game pops up, how can I switch to the new one?

If you want to start a new game at any point, simply click the new game button on the screen.

Is it possible to purchase additional XP and level up my gaming experience?

No, you cannot do this, the only way to level up you experience is to actively play!

Technical Questions

I have been experiencing problems downloading Solitaire Champ from Google Play, please help.

First check if you have enough space on the disk

1. Go to your device Settings > Applications > Google Play Store > Clear Cache and also Clear Data.
2. Restart your device, and then try to install Solitaire Champ again.

If it still didn't help, try to clean up additional space on your device. Follow the instructions below:

  • Clean device cache by going to Settings > Storage > choose Cached Data.
  • Move all data and apps to external SD card.
  • Remove data and apps you don't need anymore.

We cannot predict how much FREE space you will have to clean in order to download Solitaire Champ, though Google suggests having at least 1 GB of free space for installing or updating apps.

If after cleaning your device, you still experiencing problems downloading Solitaire Champ, please contact support team at

Having problems logging in with my Google + account, please help.

Please contact our support team at with information on your device and software version.

Is Solitaire Champ compatible with all iOS and Android updates?

Yes, it is. Here at Monster Brain Studios we keep an eye on all software updates promptly adjusting Soltiaire Champ to the latest changes, so you can enjoy it on any operating system.

What should I do if there is a bug in the game?

If you found a bug, or it looks like this, please contact our tech support team at

I have stopped using Facebook, how can I keep my Solitaire Champ gaming history and continue playing without losing my overall game progress?

If you want to save your game progress, you can create Monster Brain ID before switching from FB account, so all the game history will be transferred to it onwards.