About Us

Monster brain Studios is one of the most successful and well-respected uprising mobile-game developers on the market. We have been creating cutting-edge online games over the last three years and our goal is to develop the most entertaining social games with the use of latest technologies, ultimate design and the best user experience.

We are a team of 25 like-minded people, passionate about what we are doing and always working hard in order to bring in new ideas and tune-up existing game features. All Monster Brain Studios Games are absolutely FREE and can be easily downloaded from Google Play or App Store on any of your mobile devices.

The best thing about all Monster Brain Studio Games that they bring together interactive gaming experience with socializing, so you can share incredible fun moments with your friends or make new friends from all over the world. In our Solitaire Champ FREE Card Game and more exciting games upcoming you will find the best game practices available in the game world. Join our friendly community and become part of the exciting gambling world.

Monster Brain Studios